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PVC is a polymer, with this material made of decorative wallpaper is PVC wall wallpaper. When PVC coated wallpaper burning, it is black smoke,and glue odor pervasive, you can use the fire method to identify the selection of wall PVC wallpaper.
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PVC Coated Wallpaper Types

Lobel is one of the most professional PVC wallpaper suppliers in China. Lobel 3D PVC wall wallpaper is an environmentally friendly material, which has no smell, breathable, not easy to fade, easy to scrub, long service life and other characteristics.

Main Characteristics Of PVC Wallpapers

PVC wall papers often polyvinyl chloride resin, there are three principal characteristics:

  • Regular kind —— to 80g / rectangular meter of paper as the base paper, floor coating 100g / rectangular meter PVC resin. Its floor ornament technique is generally printed, embossed or printed with a mixture of embossed.

  • Foaming ——- to 100g / sqm paper is paper-based, utilized to the floor 300-400g / rectangular meter PVC resin. According to the measurement of the enlargement ratio, there are low foaming and excessive foaming, respectively. Wherein the excessive elastic foam wallpaper floor embossed, it has a sure sound-absorbing effect.

  • Useful —— the place water wallpaper is made of glass fiber material as a substrate, it can be used to beautify the bathroom, loo wall; fireplace wallpaper is used 100-200g / rectangular meter of asbestos paper as the substrate, and PVC floor cloth included flame retardant. 

Main Characteristics Of PVC Wallpapers

How To Remove PVC Wall Papers?

Removing historical vinyl pvc coated wallpaper can frequently be a challenging and messy job. However, with the proper equipment and little know-how, you’ll be in a position to address any elimination job with confidence.

1. Start by using perforating the PVC coated wallpaper with a Piranha Scoring Tool. Many regularly used PVC wall papers are both stable vinyl or vinyl coated. These coatings defend the wallpaper and amplify durability. This resilience to stains and filth is gorgeous when the wallpaper is up, however when it’s time to redecorate, these coatings can make it challenging to saturate the PVC wall papers for removal. Using a scoring device to perforate the PVC wall papers permits the remover answer to penetrate and soak into the backing paper.

2. Use a round movement and mild pressure. Once the wall top PVC wallpaper has been properly scored, observe a beneficiant quantity wallpaper remover. Keep the partitions properly saturated and enable 10 – 15 minutes for the paste to ruin down earlier than scraping.

For giant elimination jobs, we endorse the usage of a centred answer like ROMAN’s PRO-466 Concentrate or Piranha Concentrate Remover. These formulations can make a giant quantity of expert electricity remover, perfect for tackling massive projects.

3. For elimination tasks above cupboards or appliances, we suggest the usage of ROMAN’s PRO-458 Gel Spray or Piranha Gel Remover. These clinging gels won't run down the wall and can assist reduce down on the mess. 

PVC Wallpaper Installation Guide

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