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Wallpaper For Dining Room

  1. For the choice of wallpaper color, depending on the situation of the room, if the restaurant is bright, relaxed or warm, comfortable type, and the dining room can use dark wallpaper for dining room accent wall. If the restaurant is darker, it is suitable for light bright color wallpaper for dining room accent wall, but we should pay attention to the careful use of warm colors, the specific color selection is completely by each different people's taste.

  2. According to the shape of the room to choose the color of wallpaper for dining room wall . Wallpaper color of wallpaper for accent wall in dining room can, to a certain extent, change people's feeling of the shape of the room. For example, cold colors can make the lower ceiling looks higher, so that the narrow room becomes wider. In the far wall of the room with a darker color, will make that wall to produce the effect of moving forward. Similar effect can change the appearance of any room.

  3. Choose wallpaper colors according to the direction of the room. If the restaurant is facing east, a morning and night will be darker, so the use of light warm color is often very safe. South-facing room sunshine time is longer, the use of cool colors often make people feel more comfortable, the effect of the room is also more charming. West-facing rooms due to the impact of a very strong sunset west of the day, you can use dark cool colors, which seems more comfortable. The room facing north because there is no direct exposure to daylight, so in the selection of color should tend to use warm colors, and chromaticity to light.  

  4. The top surface of 3D dining room wallpaper should generally use light-colored wallpaper. Light colors make people feel light, dark colors make people feel heavy. Usually room treatment is mostly top-down, from light to dark, such as the ceiling and walls of the dining room with white and light colors, wainscoting using white and light colors, skirting using dark colors, it will give a sense of light stability, on the contrary, deep under the shallow will give a sense of head heavy and light depression.

Wallpaper For Dining Room

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