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  1. Office wallcovering used according to the different functional areas, the choice of a certain difference, in general, the leadership office should choose the atmosphere, high-grade wallpaper; staff area to choose to refresh the efficiency of the office room wallpaper is good, white is a common choice; pantry should allow people to relax, you can choose cheerful shades of office room wallpaper; conference room to choose a strict color, such as silver gray.

  2. The office wall papers how to choose the consideration of material: choose office wall wallpaper in addition to consider whether it can highlight the features of the functional area should also pay attention to their own material. Environmental protection is the first element of the purchase, green low-carbon office wall wallpaper in addition to creating a healthy working environment for employees can also subconsciously promote their work efficiency. Therefore, paper wall wallpaper for office, diatomaceous earth wallpaper and non-woven wallpaper are very good oh.

  3. Office wall wallpaper according to the style of choice: office wall wallpaper color, pattern should reflect the company's style to the maximum extent, so that it can leave the best first impression in the minds of customers. Like a law firm or accounting firm should choose a rigorous color wall wallpaper, and like the company engaged in online games or websites should choose a little color jump office wall wallpaper, so that you can show their creativity and vitality.

  4. In the material of office wallcovering, try to choose something close to natural office decoration, if you can not determine its material, you can use the fire to determine, take a little wallpaper burning, burning no black smoke, odor is natural wallpaper, and vice versa is PVC wallpaper.

  5. Consider the color, the office color should not be too bright, but not too dark, so try to pick a soft color, simple pattern office wallpaper accent wall products. Because the office is the workplace, so the PVC wallpaper for office tone can not be too dark, but we should also combine different partitions to make a reasonable choice.

Office Space Wallpaper

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