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Classic Wallpaper

Classic wallpapers are characterised by motifs and patterns from different periods in time, art and style. The designs of classic wallpaper styles created today are based on historical models, which evoke authentic atmospheres. These wallpapers provide an ideal design tool for interiors with a strong reference to a particular style era or as a contrast for ultra-modern interiors.

What Makes Classic Wallpaper So Popular?

  • The timeless class of typical styles

The timeless category of regular wallpapers is like an open invitation to decorate in line with non-public preferences, moods and trends. The one-of-a-kind patterns of typical wallpapers provide a massive fluctuate of diagram chances referring to to man or woman tastes. Patterns can be opulent, playful, ornate, sober or straight-lined.

  • Luxurious designs in a brocade and damask look

For limitless ordinary pattern wallpapers, luxurious and superb extremely good go hand in hand. For example, there is a plethora of opulent Baroque or Art Deco wallpaper fashions in brocade and damask looks. Even the fine silk fibres or high-quality linen are no longer person in fundamental wallpapers.

What Makes Classic Wallpaper So Popular? What Makes Classic Wallpaper So Popular?

Typical Colors of Classic Wallpaper

  • Grey

In darker nuances, grey lends a cool, established contact to a usual pattern diagram and creates a harmonious have an effect on with handy simple furnishing styles. Other colorings are emphasised and their have an impact on is intensified.

  • Red

Red is commonly associated with love and romance, on the other hand it moreover has a regal character (for event in colorings like fuchsia or crimson), making this colour the first wish for today's fundamental wallpaper designs.

  • Blue

Blue is a exquisite ornamental colour, and its royal character affords expressive depth to many pattern wallpaper styles. The color of readability moreover performs an essential function in usual British/Victorian designs or in the folkloristic patterns of Mediterranean countries.

Typical Colors of Classic Wallpaper Typical Colors of Classic Wallpaper
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