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Customized Wallpaper For Living Room

1. If you want to make the living room looks more bright, then you can paste the same living room background wallpaper all over the living room, the color can choose light yellow or beige, so that we stare every day will also be very comfortable, as can be seen in the effect of the picture above, the whole room decoration effect is still very good, giving a very clean and spacious, but also make people feel very warm feeling.

2. If you want to make the living room wider, then you can use horizontal or horizontal effect of PVC wallpaper for living room; with dark wallpaper paste in the narrow side, with light-colored paste in the wide side can get a better effect; different shades of fiber woven fabrics also have the same effect.

3. If you want to make the living room look larger space, then you can choose a white background living room background wallpaper, of course, you can also choose cool colors such as green, blue, light purple living room customized wallpaper; small flowers, small patterns or large grid flowers but with a lot of white background patterns.

Customized Wallpaper For Living Room

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living room pvc wallpaper
pvc wallpaper for living room

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