3D PVC Wallpaper

The Correct Way to Apply PVC Wallpaper

Advantages of PVC wallpaper

Good decorative effect

PVC wallpaper can be printed, embossed and foamed on the surface, and can imitate natural stone patterns, wood patterns and satin. It is difficult to distinguish between true and false, and through careful design, it can print patterned patterns that can be used in many environments, almost without limitation. Colors can be freely blended, achieving a natural and elegant flow.

Superior performance

It can be processed according to the needs, processed into products with flame retardant, thermal insulation, sound absorption, mildew resistance, and not easily condense, not afraid of washing and mechanical damage.

Suitable for mass production

PVC wallpaper has good processing properties and can be produced industrially and continuously.

Convenient for pasting and construction

PVC wallpaper on paper base can be pasted with ordinary adhesive or white latex, and has good breathability.

Long service life, easy maintenance

PVC wallpaper can be wiped and has strong resistance to acid and alkali. The printed and coated wallpaper used in the new building of the Beijing Hotel was artificially aged for 500 hours without any abnormalities.

Correct use of PVC wallpaper

  • The base layer of wall surface treatment should be smooth, smooth and straight, no cracks, chipped corners, no sand holes, pitting. After the wall is treated, it should be brushed with a nitro or alkyd varnish to prevent the wall from chalking, and the varnish should be thin and even, not thick.

  • Glue use matching environmental protection special glue, very strong adhesion, a kilogram of glue can paste 7 square meters. Wallpaper glue powder, you can add a small amount of white latex.

  • Cloth glue will be coated on the wall, the glue coated on the back of the wallpaper stacked, resting 1. Cloth glue layer thin, even, cloth glue width always keep in the wallpaper width of 2.5 times. The thickness is moderate and uniform.

  • Construction features posting method dry paste method, wallpaper does not need to over water. Butt, counterflower, tight, or use lap cutting type construction method processing, not the glue from the seam extrusion.

  • Points to note the use of soft plastic scraper, push and wipe to be careful, do not extrude the adhesive stick to the surface of the wallpaper or scraper, if inadvertently extrude the adhesive, please immediately with a clean wrung out wet towel to remove, always keep the wet towel clean and sanitary.

After the introduction of the advantages of PVC wallpaper and how to use it by Lobel, do you like this wallpaper more, its advantages are so many that we have to choose it, I hope that your own introduction can grow your knowledge.

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