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Exploring the Secrets of Breathable Non-woven Wallpaper

Nowadays, more and more people are using wallpaper in decoration. As the saying goes, "Fashion dresses up women, and wallpaper decorates walls."Wallpaper, with its soft and flexible texture, makes the wall environment warm and friendly. However, most consumers know little about the materials, performance, and installation of wallpaper, beyond the "external factors" such as patterns and styles. So, how to choose the right wallpaper and avoid judging it by appearance?

As the most popular environmentally friendly wallpaper material internationally, non-woven fabric is known as "breathing wallpaper" and will also be the mainstream in the future market. But is it really environmentally friendly?

Performance and environmental friendliness depend mainly on the wallpaper material

Currently, the wallpaper on the market is diverse in patterns and styles. Faced with so many options, many decoration owners first consider the appearance and take style as the primary factor. In fact, the quality of wallpaper depends more on its materials. Consumers should make environmental friendliness the most important consideration, and the material directly determines the environmental friendliness of the wallpaper.

The "alphabet" series non-woven wallpaper

It is understood that the types of wallpaper generally used by ordinary consumers in the market can be divided into three categories: PVC wallpaper, pure paper wallpaper, and non-woven wallpaper. The advantages of PVC wallpaper are its good waterproof performance and relatively low price, making it popular in the market. It has the advantages of a variety of patterns, wash resistance, anti-aging, and not easy to fade, but for families with children and the elderly, PVC wallpaper has poor air permeability and heavy odor, requiring long-term ventilation. Pure paper wallpapers do not produce any odors and can be divided into two types: virgin pulp paper (good toughness and smooth surface) and recycled paper (poor toughness, and the surface is mostly foamed or half-foamed). The former has higher environmental friendliness, but its disadvantage is that it shrinks a lot, leaving residual traces, and lacks a three-dimensional sense on the surface of the pattern.

Non-woven wallpaper with abstract floral patterns

In contrast, the non-woven wallcovering that sells best in Europe and the United States has the characteristics of breathability, environmental friendliness, good extensibility, and small shrinkage, and can even present a three-dimensional effect. Since its introduction to China, it has become the second best-selling wallpaper after PVC wallpaper, though its relatively high price has "blocked" many consumers. As it is difficult to extract fibers from plant-based non-woven wallpaper, the price is relatively high compared to pure paper wallpaper.

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