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What Are the Characteristics of Non-woven Wallpaper?

What is Non-woven Wallpaper?

Non-woven wallpaper, also called non-woven wallpaper or non-woven paper wallpaper, is a kind of high-grade wallpaper/wallpaper.

Due to the use of natural plant fiber non-woven process made of stronger tensile strength, more environmentally friendly, non-moldy and yellowing, breathable, is the main substrate of high quality wallpaper.

Non-woven wallpaper originated in Europe, popular in France, is one of the latest and most environmentally friendly materials. Because it uses the non-woven process in the textile, so it is also called non-woven, but to be exact, it should be called non-woven paper.

Non-woven Wallpaper Features

1. With environmental protection

Non-woven wallpaper is currently the most popular new green wallpaper material. With cotton and linen and other natural plant fibers by non-woven molding of a wallpaper. Does not contain any polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and chlorine elements, complete combustion is only produce carbon dioxide and water.

2. Better breathability

Non-woven wallpaper is currently the best breathable wallpaper products, you can exchange the wall and the humidity in the air in a timely manner, effectively avoiding the wall due to moisture in the wall so that the wallpaper adhesive failure caused by wallpaper peeling, warping. Construction after the dry fast, also not easy to mold.

3. Long service life

Use the same glue to paste wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper paper bottom is non-woven, paste very firmly, non-professionals are difficult to tear down, long service life.

4. Good ductility, shrinkage is small

From the advantages of non-woven wallpaper, or very worthy of home use decoration. If you like this wallpaper, you can consider installing to try oh!

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