3D PVC Wallpaper

How to Buy PVC Wallpaper?

1. Smell the Taste of PVC Wallpaper

PVC wallpaper environmental protection check, generally can be in the purchase, simply smell with your nose, wallpaper has no odor, if the irritating smell is heavy, prove that contains formaldehyde, vinyl chloride and other volatile substances more. In addition, you can also soak a small piece of wallpaper in water, after a period of time, smell whether there is an irritating odor evaporated.

2. The Appearance of the Inspection on PVC Wallpaper Including See and Touch.

Look at the surface of PVC wallpaper with or without color differences, dead folds and bubbles. It is important to see whether the dialogue of the wallpaper is accurate, there is no reprint or omission of the print. Generally good PVC wallpaper looks natural and has a three-dimensional sense. In addition, you can also use your hands to feel whether the thickness of the pencil is consistent.

3. Hands to Check on PVC Wallpaper

Wallpaper durable on it to check the durability of wallpaper, can be judged by checking its decolorization, dirt resistance, water resistance, and toughness. Decolorization, wipe with a wet paper towel on the surface of PVC wallpaper to see if there is color loss. Check the dirt resistance, you can use a pen to scratch the surface, and then wipe clean, see if there are traces. pvc wallpaper waterproof relative to pure paper wallpaper, you can add water to the wallpaper surface drops, see if there is infiltration phenomenon. Repeatedly pull the wallpaper to see if its toughness meets the requirements.

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