3D PVC Wallpaper

What Are the Advantages of PVC Wallpaper?

1. PVC Wallpaper Has Good Decorative Effect

 Because the surface of PVC wallpaper can be printed, embossed and foam processing, can imitate the natural stone grain, wood grain and brocade, to the point of false, and through careful design, printed pattern patterns suitable for a variety of environments, almost unlimited. The color can also be arbitrarily deployed to achieve a natural flow, light and elegant. 

2. PVC Wallpaper Has Excellent Performance

According to the need, it can be processed into products with non-combustible heat insulation, sound absorption, anti-mildew, and not easy to condensation, not afraid of washing, not easy to mechanical damage. 

3. PVC Wallpaper is Suitable for Mass Production 

PVC wallpaper has good processing performance and can be produced continuously on an industrial scale. 

4. Construction of PVC Wallpaper Pasting is Convenient

The paper-based PVC wallpaper can be pasted with ordinary 107 adhesive or emulsion glue, and has good air permeability. 

5. PVC Wallpaper Has Long Service Life, Easy to Repair and Maintain

PVC wallpaper surface can be scrubbed and has strong resistance to acid and alkali. Such as the Beijing Hotel new building using printed plastic coated wallpaper by artificial aging 500h, wallpaper no abnormalities.

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