3D PVC Wallpaper

Types of PVC Wallpaper

PVC wallpaper whose surface mainly uses polyvinyl chloride resin, mainly has the following three manifestations.

1. Ordinary type PVC wallpaper

With 90g/square meter paper as the paper base, the surface is coated with 150g/square meter PVC resin.  Its surface decoration method is usually printing, embossing or combination of printing and embossing.

2. Foam type PVC wallpaper

130g / square meter of non-woven paper as the paper base, the surface according to the size of the foaming rate, and low and high foaming respectively. Among them, the high foaming wallpaper surface is elastic bumpy pattern, with a certain sound-absorbing effect.

3. Functional PVC wallpaper

Can be used to decorate the walls of the bathroom, bathroom; fire wallpaper to 90g / square meter as the base, and in the PVC surface material mixed with flame retardants.

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