3D PVC Wallpaper

Is PVC Wallpaper Waterproof?

Structure of PVC wallpaper

PVC wallpaper has a general structure of two layers, of which the bottom layer is the paper base and the top layer is the adhesive surface. PVC wallpaper, a wallpaper made of polymer, is very resistant to scrubbing because of its material characteristics, which also directly reflects the very waterproof nature of PVC wallpaper.

The process of making PVC wallpaper

PVC wallpaper is covered with a layer of polyethylene-based film on a pure paper base layer, made of composite, embossing, printing and other processes, wallpaper printing exquisite, embossed texture, good waterproof and moisture resistance, durable, easy maintenance. And pure wallpaper is a kind of wallpaper made of pulp, this kind of wallpaper because of the use of pure natural pulp fiber, breathable, and water and moisture absorption. In the weather wet and cold winter, if installed on the PVC wallpaper, not only can play a role in protecting the wall, but also for the wet and cold living room life for a new look, because the appearance of PVC wallpaper is no less than other home decorative building materials, and cheap and convenient, not to worry about the wall yellowing mold and other problems. 

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