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Identification and Selection Methods of Non Woven Wallpaper

Non woven wallpaper is a kind of high-end wallpaper. Due to the non-woven technology with the natural plant fiber, it has stronger tensile strength. The base material of high-quality wallpaper is more environmentally friendly and does not go moldy or yellow, with good air permeability. Non woven wallpaper products, originated in Europe, popular in France, are the latest type of the most environmentally friendly material. Because it uses the non-woven technology in the textile, it is also called non-woven fabrics.

The discrimination of non woven wallpaper

The difference of natural fiber non-woven fabric and artificial synthetic fiber non-woven fabric on the market: the non-woven fabric in non woven wallpaper refers to using the non-woven forming technology of the fiber yarn to make a material with properties between cloth and paper. To confirm whether the non-woven fabric is completely harmless to humans, there are two key factors to consider: the technology used for the manufacture of non-woven fibers and non-woven forming. Not all non-woven fabrics are made of natural fibers, but most of them are made of polypropylene fiber. Although polypropylene products are more easily degraded by non-woven forming, there is still no fundamental change in chemical properties, and the chemical additives used in the manufacture of these materials will still cause harm to human body.

The most ideal fiber for making non-woven fabric is the fiber from natural plants, so this is the first point to pay attention to when buying wallpaper products: whether it is the natural fiber of non-woven fabric or synthetic fiber of non-woven fabric. In addition, the link that may cause the reduction of the environmental properties of non-woven fabric is the non-woven forming process of the material. There are mainly two kinds: hot bonding and wet forming. The former should be processed at high temperature and add some adhesives. Wet forming is a kind of physical method to arrange the fibers. If the natural fiber is made of non-woven fabric made by wet forming technology, 100% environmental protection can be ensured.

Purchase points of non woven wallpaper

If we want to know the practical and beautiful root of non woven wallpaper, we need to know its material. The non woven wallpaper is made of natural plant fibers, so its most basic characteristics are natural and environmental protection. Consumers are very sensitive to natural and environmentally friendly products, and the non woven wallpaper also has the two important links that directly affect the physical and mental health of consumers, so this is the most important reason why although the price of non woven wallpaper is high, there are still many people to buy.

Because the non woven wallpaper is processed from plant fibers, it has a very good breathability, and it is called "breathing wallpaper". Natural plant fibers will have many small breathable pores inside, and the breath emanating from the pores of pure plant fibers is the most natural and fresh. This is why consumers feel that after installing the non woven wallpaper, life becomes more fresh and brighter. As for other types of wallpaper, many do not have such characteristics as air permeability.

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