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Wallpaper Types: Non-woven Wallpaper

There are many types of wallpapers, and each type has its own characteristics. When choosing, it is inevitable that you will hesitate. Next, Lobel will introduce to you the relevant knowledge of non-woven wallpapers. 

Non-woven fabric is formed by directional or random arrangement of fibers through friction, entanglement, or adhesion. Non-woven fabric has many advantages: breathable, formaldehyde-free, waterproof and moisture-proof, can effectively regulate indoor air humidity, has sound-proofing and noise-reducing, breathable, flexible, lightweight, non-flammable, easy to decompose, non-toxic, non-irritating, rich colors, recyclable, and natural-friendly.

Understanding Non-woven Wallpapers

Non-woven paper wallpaper is a type of high-end wallpaper, which is made from natural plant fiber non-woven process. It has stronger tensile strength, more environmentally friendly, does not mold or turn yellow, and has good breathability. It is the main base material for high-quality wallpapers.

Non-woven wallpapers originated in Europe and became popular in France. They are the latest and most environmentally friendly materials. The emergence of non-woven wallpapers has broken the embarrassing situation of wallpapers being prone to mold.

Advantages of Non-woven Wallpapers

Flexibility and texture of non-woven wallpapers

When touching non-woven wallpapers with your hands, the higher the quality, the more comfortable it feels. A soft touch indicates a higher density. Conversely, rough non-woven wallpapers have lower density. In terms of flexibility, higher quality wallpapers are less likely to break. Note that the quality of non-woven wallpapers is not proportional to its thickness.

Environmental friendliness of non-woven wallpapers

Non-woven wallpapers are mainly composed of plant fibers. They are the most popular and environmentally friendly materials internationally. They are harmless to humans and the environment and fully comply with environmental safety standards. Moreover, the fiber threads of non-woven wallpapers have strong tensile strength. When non-woven paper is completely burned, only carbon dioxide and water are produced without toxic gases. It is a new environmentally friendly wallpaper that can be safely applied in various rooms at home.

Good breathability of non-woven wallpapers

Due to the characteristics of non-woven fabric, it has a unique porous structure and many breathable small holes due to the natural plant fiber content. Therefore, it has excellent breathability, making it easy for water vapor in the wallpaper to dissipate and less prone to mold. It is known in the industry as "breathable wallpaper". Moreover, the natural fragrance emitted by the plant fiber components of the wallpaper is fresh and natural, making non-woven wallpapers the decoration choice of many consumers.

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