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How to Extend the Lifespan of Wallpaper?

Construction is the most important link for showing good results of wallpaper installation. Only professional masters with sufficient technical skills can ensure the quality of wallpaper installation and extend the service life of wallpaper. So why is it necessary to choose a good master for wallpaper installation?

Wall Quality Is The Most Important In The Installation Of Wallpaper

There is a saying that goes: If the foundation is not good, the face will not be beautiful. No matter how good the wallpaper is, it must be installed on the wall to show its decorative effect, and the quality of the wall determines the service life of the wallpaper.

The walls in our country are composed of cement walls directly coated with putty, so wallpaper is generally pasted on the putty layer. So, can the wallpaper be directly pasted on the putty wall? Obviously not. In order to lay the wallpaper or wallpaper on the putty layer, the first step is to choose the right wallpaper and auxiliary materials based on the wall characteristics.

A good master will choose appropriate wallpaper and wallpaper auxiliary materials according to the characteristics of the wall, such as using a wallpaper base film for latex paint walls, and choosing a permeable wall base film for some walls that are prone to powdering. A good wallpaper master will measure the wall before construction, and then determine what kind of base film to use for wall treatment to ensure a clean, smooth, dry, and pollution-free construction environment.

Different Wallpaper Materials Require Different Installation Methods

Depending on the material of the wallpaper or wallpaper, the installation method will vary, and there is no so-called universal installation method. A good wallpaper master will choose the correct installation method according to the different materials and patterns of the wallpaper or wallpaper.

Standard Wallpaper Installation Should Pay Attention To Construction Environmental Protection

Wallpaper installation is the last step in home decoration. Wheninstalling wallpaper or wallpaper, doors, windows, and floors have all been installed, and protecting the finished product and complying with construction specifications during construction process are crucial.

A good wallpaper master will follow a standard construction process to minimize waste of wallpaper and wallpaper materials. Not only are the construction steps standard and fast without wasting time, but after the construction is completed, it will not damage the owner's home environment and will not cause trouble for secondary construction.

Good Service From Wallpaper Masters And Warranty Coverage

A good wallpaper master not only has good installation skills, but also better pre-sale and after-sale services. Good service will make you worry-free and live comfortably.

During the wallpaper or wallpaper installation process, a good wallpaper master has warranty coverage. They will first understand the needs of the owner and try their best to install according to the owner's requirements. Masters will explain in detail the efficacy and price of each product, such as choosing environmentally friendly and practical wallpaper and wallpaper glue, choosing high-quality and suitable wallpaper and wallpaper, and avoiding waste.

After the installation is complete, a good master will have a certain warranty coverage. Because improper maintenance can cause some problems, owners who choose ordinary masters may have a headache because they do not know who to repair them. But if you choose a good installation master or shop, you do not have to worry about after-sales service issues.

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