3D PVC Wallpaper

How to Maintain PVC Wallpaper?

PVC wallpaper has a great 3D effect. PVC wallpaper after embossing treatment can produce a strong three-dimensional sense, to overcome the defects of pure paper material. It can create many special patterns that pure paper cannot do, such as imitation wood grain, embossment, imitation tile and other effects, with realistic patterns and strong three-dimensional sense, suitable for home interior wall decoration.

This type of wallpaper is the most commonly used and most widely used wallpaper because of its exquisite printing, good texture of embossing, durability and easy maintenance. PVC wallpaper is widely used in various home and commercial places.

Maintenance of PVC wallpaper

Wallpaper bubbles

Wallpaper bubbles are caused by uneven glue when pasting wallpaper, or there is air between the wallpaper and the wall, so there will be wallpaper bubbles. The solution is very simple. Just use a sewing needle to pierce the air bubbles on the surface of the wallpaper to release the gas, then use a syringe to extract the right amount of adhesive to inject into the pinhole, flatten the wallpaper and dry it.

Wallpaper is moldy

In the rainy season and humid weather, wallpaper is prone to be moldy, mainly caused by too much water on the wall. If the mildew situation is not too serious, you can wipe with a towel dipped in appropriate amount of water, or wipe with soapy water. Of course, you can also buy special mildew remover to deal with.

Warped edge of wallpaper

Because the basic treatment is not clean, adhesive force is not enough or the wallpaper used to wrap the external corners is less than 2mm, the wallpaper has a warped edge. You can evenly spread wallpaper glue on the edge, gently smooth the warped place, with a hair dryer drying for 10 seconds, and then hold down, stick firmly, finally dry with a hair dryer.

Scrub the wallpaper

Use cloth to scrub the stain. When wiping the wallpaper, choose some remote wall corners or door to wipe, to avoid adverse reactions to damage the wallpaper.

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