3D PVC Wallpaper

Do You Know How the Delicate Pattern of PVC Wallpaper is Made?

When you check in the hotel, you maybe be attracted to the hotel wallpaper: Some wallpaper is plain and simple, some foil wallpaper is very luxurious, but how to make these nice patterns in the end?

Steps of printing the PVC wallpaper

PVC wallpaper is produced by PVC calendered film as surface material and cross mesh cloth as base material. When printing, the surface should be rolled coated with water-based environmentally friendly color paste, with the use of professional CNC multi-plate printing press. According to different patterns, different printing rollers are used, so that the wallpaper surface can be printed with the required pattern.

After lamination, it is softened by high temperature, and then rolled on the surface with embossing machine to produce the corresponding pattern effect. The process also includes printing and drying, high-temperature softening, cooling and shaping and other multi-processes to ensure the three-dimensional look and feel of wallpaper and environmental performance.

Technological advantages of PVC wallpaper

Feel delicate, soft luster

You may not know that the quality of PVC wallpaper texture mainly depends on the formula, embossing roller and stability of embossing machine. Some pure hand-carved embossing roller can present the effect of fine embossing and uniform color. And now the temperature and speed of the equipment are fully automatically controlled, so you can rest assured that the produced wallpaper has a stable color with no color difference.

Realistic and natural, high degree of simulation

An important feature of high-quality deep-pressed wallpaper is high fidelity. Whether it is the jungle of flowers and birds, or the natural texture, the most difficult test in the embossing process is the use of color gradient. And the higher the degree of simulation, the more realistic and natural the decorative effect. But PVC wallpaper has advanced machines, and fully automatic operation, it is not hard to make such simulation embossing.

Pure color, collocation coordination

Color is the lifeline of the final effect of wallpaper, as we all know, is also the most key technology of wallpaper, affecting factors include three aspects: color separation, color matching, color mixing. Color separation refers to the layering of various colors in printing, which finally shows a good transition and gradient effect. Color matching refers to the collocation of various colors, especially the color collocation of shading and pattern to coordinate comfortable and high-end factors. Color mixing means that the final effect of color is infinitely close to natural color, real and vivid. Only after such a set of process, the overall tone of wallpaper can reach a relatively high level.

Overprint precision, pressure stability

Overprinting refers to the shape of embossed wallpaper in the production process and the shape of the pattern to be completely consistent. The difficulty level of this technology is relatively high. Generally speaking, computer is more stable and reliable than manual work in terms of operating the embossing machine. But now most of them are computer embossing machines, which are clear and smooth, so no matter how complex the pattern is, the work can be done in one step.

Mild smell, healthy and environmental protection

The raw materials used in the PVC wallpaper have reached the national environmental protection standards, and the most advanced water-based environmental protection color water printing is adopted. The environmental protection indicators need to be certified by the authority: such as ISO9001 international quality management system certification, EU CE certification, quality inspection report. The product has a mild smell, which is healthy and environmental friendly.
Although a PVC wallpaper is simple, in fact, whether it is the painstaking effort of the designer or the complexity of the technology behind it, it is not simple. From the germ of designer inspiration to the production of a finished wallpaper, do you understand the story behind it?

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