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What Are the Differences Between PVC Wallpaper and Pure Wallpaper?

Advantages of PVC Wallpaper

PVC wallpaper, as a popular wall decoration material in modern times, has good decorative and functional properties as most building materials do, but also some drawbacks. Understanding the specific characteristics of PVC wallpaper during purchase can help us decide whether or not to choose this material for wall decoration. Let's take a look at the advantages of PVC wallpaper in detail:

Superior Performance

PVC wallpaper can be processed into products with excellent performance, such as flame retardant, mildew resistance, not prone to condensation, and not easily damaged mechanically. Therefore, PVC wallpaper has excellent performance.

Good Decorative Effect

Since the surface of PVC wallpaper can be treated in a series of ways, it can imitate natural stone patterns, jacquard satin, and so on. Through careful design, it can also print pattern designs suitable for various environments. Its style is innovative, patterns are rich, and colors can also be arbitrarily blended, so it has a good decorative effect.

Strong Practicality

In terms of installation, the practicality of PVC wallpaper is simple and convenient, and it is relatively easy to paste without occupying too much labor. In addition, it has a long service life and is easy to maintain and repair, making it a very practical building material.

Differences Between PVC Wallpaper and Pure Wallpaper

PVC wallpaper and pure wallpaper are both types of wallpaper, and the differences between the two are also significant due to differences in materials. Let's take a closer look at the differences between PVC wallpaper and pure wallpaper:

Different Materials

PVC wallpaper: A layer of polyvinyl chloride film is added to the pure paper base layer, and then processed by composite, embossing, printing, and other processes. The wallpaper has delicate printing patterns, good texture, good waterproof and moisture-proof properties, and is durable.

Pure wallpaper: It is a kind of wallpaper made entirely of pulp. Due to the use of pulp fibers, this kind of wallpaper has good air permeability, and is also capable of absorbing water and moisture.


PVC wallpaper: It is made by adding a polyvinyl chloride film on top of pure wallpaper, and the thickness is generally thicker than that of pure wallpaper.

Pure wallpaper: It is made with normal wallpaper thickness as the standard, and basically does not have the thickness of PVC wallpaper.

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